Rathaspeck Manor

Rathaspeck Manor, Rathaspeck, Co. Wexford, Ireland
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Rathaspeck Manor Wexford Rathaspeck Manor in Wexford Hotel in Wexford


Georgian Country Home Wexford 

Rathaspeck Manor Georgian House Wexford was built between 1680-1720 by the Codd Family who came to Ireland circa 1169. William Codd's son Sir Osborne Codd settled at Rathaspeck and erected a castle there in 1351.

A descendant Loftus Codd was succeeded by daughters, one of whom, Jane Codd, married Thomas Richards. The Richards Family came to Ireland in 1570 approx. It was this marriage which placed Rathaspeck in the Richards Family.

Jane and Thomas had 6 sons and 2 daughters. The eldest son Thomas, born1722 had a Family of two daughters, the oldest Martha married Count Willimsdorf from the Kingdom of Hannover in 1802. This couple had one son , Thomas William Fredrick Von Preberton Willimsdorf who died in 1834 unmarried. There were also three daughters, one of whom Elizabeth , born in 1778 , died in 1863 in Holland.

Elizabeth married Count Von Leinburg Slirrin on April 15th 1802 and they proceeded to have a Family of ten children born between 1803 and 1820 . It is believed that sometime after this the family moved to Holland. Rathaspeck was in the hands of an English Family called Moody after this until the early 1900's. The Moody built the present gate lodge – or “Doll’s House” in 1900.

The Meyler Family came to Rathaspeck in 1911 when it was offered for sale and it was from the Meyler Family that the Manor passed to the Cuddihy Family.

The site of the original Castle is unknown, but it is considered that the present Rathaspeck Manor Georgian Country Home, Ireland is built on the site.

“Rath” means Fort , so the name of Rathaspeck stems from the Gaelic Ratheasbuig , meaning "Fort of the Bishop".

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